Starter Package

Everything you need to start leveraging Messenger to grow your business.

What’s Included?

Lead Capture Bot

We’ll build and implement a lead capture bot that can be used to acquire a new Messenger subscriber along with an email address.

The bot can be used with an offer or lead magnet that is automatically sent to the user after they provide an email address or complete the lead capture process.

Messenger Auto-Responder

Your bot will automatically respond to anyone that messages your Facebook Page and provide navigation options for people to get what they want (or where they want), faster.

Get leads & Subscribers


◾ Lead Generation Bot
◾ Messenger Auto-Responder
◾ Deliver Content & Offers To Users
◾ Custom URL (Implement Anywhere)
◾ Professional Consulting
◾ Setup & Implementation

Essential Package

Expierence the power of chat bots. Includes Zapier integration and user qualification.

Starter Package Plus:

Lead Qualification

We’ll build lead qualification into your bot. Ask users questions and provide different paths based on their responses. Automatically send this data into your CRM or another repository.

Zapier Integration

Automatically transfer data into a repository such as your CRM.

Website & Facebook Page

We’ll help you to implement this bot on your website with a custom CTA along with proper performance tracking.

Best Value


Chat Bot


◾ Lead Generation & Qualification Bot
◾ Multi-Integrations
◾ Deliver Content & Offers To Users
◾ Custom URL (Implement Anywhere)
◾ Transfer Leads To CRM
◾ Website Customer Support Automation
◾ Professional Consulting
◾ Setup & Implementation

Premium Package

If you want to take it to the next level. Distinguish yourself from the competition.

Essential Package Plus:

Multiple Messenger Opt-in Options

We provide multiple ways to get leads into your chat bot and build an amazing relationship with your potential customers or fans. We’re able to set up widgets to collect them. 

Keyword Recognition

With keyword recognition you’re able to automate conversations with (potential) customers. The chat bot recognizes a specific keyword and replies without you doing it manually.

Professional Consulting

In order to design, implement and optimize your custom bot, we’ll need to work together. You’ll work directly with a professional.

Ultimate Customer Support Member


◾ Frequently Asked Questions
◾ Multiple Keyword Recognition
◾ Deliver Content & Offers To Users
◾ Custom URL (Implement Anywhere)
◾ Messenger Opt-ins Options On Website
◾ Website Customer Support Automation
◾ Setup & Implementation
◾ Premium Professional Consulting

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Do you want to make sure your chat bot keeps performing? Need help with troubleshooting, optimizing or customizing your bot? 

The well-oiled machine


* monthly or $120/hour

◾ Professional 1:1 Consulting
◾ Regular Performance Checks
(3 Times A Week)
◾ System Updates
◾ Chatbot Design, Build, Implementation

Lead Generation✔️✔️✔️
Acquire Messenger Subscribers✔️✔️✔️
Facebook Page Auto-Responder✔️✔️✔️
Send Content/Offer To Every User✔️✔️✔️
Professional Consulting✔️✔️✔️
Setup & Implementation✔️✔️✔️
Multiple Sequences15Unlimited
Customer-Friendly Navigation✔️✔️✔️
Frequently Asked Questions Implementation1020
Transfer Leads To CRM and Email marketing✔️✔️
SMS integration✔️✔️
Chat Bot Strategy Analysis✔️✔️
Ask Qualification Questions (optional)✔️✔️
Website Customer Support Automation✔️✔️
Keyword Recognition510
Add Messenger Opt-in Options On Website1Unlimited
Premium Professional Consulting (1 hour/week)✔️
One-Time Fee$1497$2497$4997
Ongoing Technical Support & Maintenance $297/month or $100/hour$297/month or $100/hour$297/month or $100/hour
Hosting (depends on number of subscribers)$10-$100/month (500-25k subscribers) $10-$100/month (500-25k subscribers) $10-$100/month (500-25k subscribers)

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